MP2 Integrations

Technology has changed the world in much the same way the printing press did some 200 years ago. However, we have gone from having static technology to being able to take technology with us (Mobile Tech). This is turn has affected the way in which we work. No more are we tied to a desk, but can often take our work with us to where we need to be. This mobility has afforded companies to empower their work force in ways not thought possible 30 years ago. 

What is MP2?

MP2 is an amazing piece of software built by Infor which is an all encompassing Maintenance Program designed to run your location. The issue with MP2 is it’s not mobile, unless you want to lug around a computer all day. This is why Atlantic Web Fitters decided to develop a WebView for MP2. Think of it as a fresh coat of paint on an outdated house. Everything about a mobile system, built on the technology you already know and use.

Integrating MP2 into a WebView

What Atlantic Web Fitters has done, is to take the power and responsiveness of the leading Web Based Platform (WordPress) and combined it with the power and familiarity of MP2.