We are first and foremost... a relationship firm

with I.T. solutions

founded in 2005


since 2005

Upgrading from a website to a web portal makes all the difference in the world. Engage, interrupt, educate and offer your site visitors a clear path to starting a relationship with you. We'll help every step of the way.



When we were asked if we could train people online, we said yes; and then assembled a powerful learning management system, something Human Resources could use to track of all activity.


virtual events

If you or someone you love wants to gather, we want to be there. With Stage, Sessions, Networking, and Expo features, our events software is good for up to 100,000 participants. We handle everything.



Toucan Chat is a "plug and play" chat panel that notifies you (bing bong) when someone lands on your website. You'll know who is on your site, which pages they are looking at, where they are, and we can provide personal receptionists.

Portal Design

Bringing your brand to life requires cooperation; to make it easy to comply with the needs of your customers.

LMS Development

Complete Learning Management Systems for your company and employees. Fully automated, so its less work for you.

Online Events

We've produced 100+ online events, including concerts, and global conferences with TWO different platforms to choose from!

Chat Box

We have mad skills when it comes to relationship-building and that translates to creating bots that demonstrate your brand's personality.


Because Work Walks... we've developed software that moves with you but keeps your workers and clients synced as Work Orders get completed.

Software Development

Our Development Team is wanting to hear all about your next project. Maybe we can help! With a proven track record of software behind us.

Gifford Watkins, BSc, MA


50 years walking to and fro on earth, I have learned how to improve the quality of other people’s lives. Relationships matter… forever.

Allen Whittaker, BA, BEd, MEd

COO / Lead Developer

Writing code since he was 13 and creating his own CMS he has been non-stop developing and maintaining sites for small businesses.

How We Do it

beginning, middle and beyond

Portal Planning

Let’s get to know each other; talk about your vision and whether or not we're a good fit.


From planning to green light, we move fast, are flexible and purpose driven.


Once everything is in place, we launch and maintain hitting our milestones.

Additional Services

Our clients demand what we demand

Virtual Recording Studios

Book your virtual recording studio where you can collaborate, share screens, cam/mic and record.

Virtual Conferences

Up to 100,000 ticket holders can view Stage, Breakout Sessions, Speed Networking and Expo booths.

Portal Hosting

Starting an agency and want an affordable, reliable hosting solution? Enjoy AWF Hosting. Contact us.

Lead Generation

Converting visitors to your site into new clients or users is a rough job. Luckily, we have several offerings to help.

Google Analytics

Track what ever you want (post, pages, ads, links, user engagement) right from your dashboard with real-time stats!


SEO is more than words on a page. We tune your site so it is at its best to rank in Google and Bing searches.

Content Creation

We generate content for consumption for all marketing platforms and keep you at the head of the pack.

ROI reports

Investing in an online presence is essential in today's business world. Let us show you how those investments are turning into profit.

A/B Testing

Can’t decide if your site should be blue or green? Let your users decide and have us do the tracking for you.


Workflow is key with our customized Maintenance Resource Systems. Mobile ready.


Want to implement a FAQ or Lead generation Bot to your site? Our bots can also pull in chats from Facebook and other Social Media, in one place. Want to take over from the Bot? No problem. Want the bot to handle dishing out coupons? No problem. Want the bot to capture lead generation information and email you? No problem. You can also have the bot take payments for services and book appointments.

By the Numbers…

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Too Slow

Percent of mobile of mobile internet users that have encountered a website that was too slow to load.

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Percent of mobile internet users that say  they’ve encountered a website that crashed, froze, or received an error.

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3 Second Rule

Percent of people that abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

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