Starlink Beta Canada

SpaceX Starlink Logo

Starlink Beta launched late in November 2020. By the end of January 2021, the company had amassed 10k plus Beta Testers from Canada and the United States. Following that announcement, there was a big push for more Beta Testers on February 4, 2021, which saw 500 new subscribers being added daily. This massive Beta push […]

MP2 Integrations

Technology has changed the world in much the same way the printing press did some 200 years ago. However, we have gone from having static technology to being able to take technology with us (Mobile Tech). This is turn has affected the way in which we work. No more are we tied to a desk, […]

How to Add Search to Drop Down Lists

On many of the projects we build, one request that keeps coming up is the ability to add in a search feature to drop downs. This is almost critical when the drop down is dynamically populated and there are hundreds of choices (selecting countries for example). The Code How To Use The above code should […]

CDN: Content Delivery Networks

Content Delivery Network - Speeding up your sites

Google, the biggest search engine out there, uses over 200+ factors to decide where your site ranks when someone searches up a key word of yours. They also use actual humans as well to randomly review the rankings as well. One of the major factors is speed. How fast can your site get to someones […]

LMS: Learning Management System

Online learning is continuing to become more and more popular. A powerful Learning Management System used in business can help administer, document, track, report, and deliver educational courses or training to your employees.