Allen Whittaker

Holding a Masters Degree in Education, Allen has been a Professional Educator since 2007. His experience ranges from Students in a school setting, to customized settings for Learning Challenged Students to Adults and even Seniors. He also works as a Lead Developer and the COO of Atlantic Web Fitters, building out customized solutions for clients.

Content Delivery Network - Speeding up your sites

CDN: Content Delivery Networks

Google, the biggest search engine out there, uses over 200+ factors to decide where your site ranks when someone searches up a key word of yours. They also use actual humans as well to randomly review the rankings as well. One of the major factors is speed. How fast can your site get to someones […]

Learning Management System - Training Employees

LMS: Learning Management System

Online learning is continuing to become more and more popular. A powerful Learning Management System used in business can help administer, document, track, report, and deliver educational courses or training to your employees.