webMP2 – Welcome Aboard! Connecting Databases… with John

So… you’ve made the decision to ramp up your CMMS system and you’re going with us. Yay!

We talked to John, our chief database architect about the process for making the transition connecting webMP2 to MSSQL apps.

Q John, what do you need in order to prepare the SQL side?

A Well… it’s pretty easy to jump on a webex these days; or Remote Desktop in… but either way, we must have access to the server in order to load the software according to the best practices to ensure a smooth transition with next to zero interruption. In fact, everything below can be accomplished in less than an hour:

I prep the SQL scripts I need, access the server, do a backup/restore, run the scripts, test, and we’re done.

Q lol… can you break that down a bit more?

A ok…
– I log onto the server or be given control
– I’ll create a directory on their file system
– I’ll bring up MSSMS
– I’ll backup the db into my dir on their file system
– I’ll copy the script into MSSMS
– I’ll run the scripts
– I’ll run a couple of tests
– then I’ll back it up again
– then I’ll give up control

Q John, what’s the next step to get things working both ways?

A The web app simply references the db through the settings interface.

Good stuff… so pretty painless right!?