webMP2 – Welcome Aboard! Connecting Databases… with John

So… you’ve made the decision to ramp up your CMMS system and you’re going with us. Yay! We talked to John, our chief database architect about the process for making the transition connecting webMP2 to MSSQL apps. Q John, what do you need in order to prepare the SQL side? A Well… it’s pretty easy […]

Virtual Private Portals… are here… and you’re welcome

The concept of privacy makes me think of a sub-terrain bunker, or a top floor, bioscan access penthouse suite. Listen to this… with live/or pumped in music; you could have a dance party, a house party… our virtual event software submerges you into a place where your people are… and when you get lost in […]

Plant Coordinators Don’t Need to be CMMS Geeks Anymore

Just because you have to have excellent organization skills doesn’t mean you have to have excellent computer skills… any more. While most CMMS programs have become increasingly complex, we’ve re-engineered a start-of-the-art Management Resource System that can be quickly customized with what you need. Why state-of-the-art? Our solution is: 100% mobile friendly, give your people […]

CMMS Implementation

Gravity Forms, Parameter Name

(Computerized Maintenance Management System) We can help you Assess, Plan, Implement, Train, and Manage your CMMS Program. We can help you develop an effective maintenance plan and train your personnel to use your CMMS program. We use a unique combination of industrial expertise, the understanding of technical systems, and practical knowledge of reliable maintenance practices […]

MP2/BE/EAM Implementation

We can help you Assess, Plan, Implement, Train and Manage your MP2 / BE / EAM program. Whether you are implementing MP2 / BE / EAM, feel you need to revamp or just feel your CMMS is not working properly for you, we will help you develop standards for your data and procedures to manage […]

Allow a Gravity Form field to be populated dynamically (from a hyperlink)

Gravity Forms, Parameter Name

So… here’s the case. You have a page offering two services; both services are titled, have a description and each one has a separate call to action (let’s call one service, SEO and the other one SMM). If someone clicks on the call to action for SEO, they are taken to a form where there […]

Logout Redirect (to URL) with WordPress? No plugin necessary

No one wants to buy a plugin or clog up their installation any more than is necessary. If you don’t like what happens when people log out of your site, then you’ll want to send them somewhere else; maybe the home page, or better yet, to a survey page where you can get some quick […]

Finally! A Web-based Maintenance Management and Work Order Request Program

Hey hey… it’s like a Festivus for the rest of us around here. When we looked hard at this niche industry, we found a number of antiquated systems and a few modern ones, none of them cheap… we’re talking high five figures here. First thing we did… was to engage Peter Phillips, founder of Trailwalk […]

SQL Script to get user account data from DotNetNuke…

Login as Host, go to Host > SQL and paste the following script.  Once it runs (I’ve only tested this on DNN 07.04.02 (216))  you’ll see a green success notification on the page and the table of user data will appear below. I suggest copying and pasting into your favorite spreadsheet program, because clicking the icon […]