Virtual Private Portals… are here… and you’re welcome

The concept of privacy makes me think of a sub-terrain bunker, or a top floor, bioscan access penthouse suite.

Listen to this… with live/or pumped in music; you could have a dance party, a house party… our virtual event software submerges you into a place where your people are… and when you get lost in conversation, you are no longer alone, but portaled into a place you can share; as you engage… imaginations soar.

You decide who can go where in your own virtual (office building, trade show, networking event, music festival, training workshop, gaming convention, film debut, music studio, movie theater, dance club, church, family reunion, birthday party, club meeting), ok? You get the idea. You rule everything.

A few more concepts to mull over; we’re mostly having fun with the second one… lots of shows 🙂

Business Networking
Music Festivals (stage events with minor band sessions)
Speed Dating (drive ticketholders into Networking)
Recruiting/Job Fairs (too boring for me)
Religious/Community Services (digital church)
Corporate Training Workshops (boring)
Gaming Conventions (this could be interesting but I’m clueless about the demographic)
Online Workshops and Classes (boring)
Remote Company Meetings (private corporate portals)

Give us a shout… we’ll spin up a demo; or I’ll write up more later…