Finally! A Web-based Maintenance Management and Work Order Request Program

Hey hey… it’s like a Festivus for the rest of us around here. When we looked hard at this niche industry, we found a number of antiquated systems and a few modern ones, none of them cheap… we’re talking high five figures here. First thing we did… was to engage Peter Phillips, founder of Trailwalk Holdings. Peter brings (without mentioning age) decades of experience with hundreds of onsite visits with (but not limited to) the biggest manufacturing facilities, educational institutions, and government facilities. Perhaps North America’s number one safety trainer, we asked Peter to not only consult with us in building a web-based, viewing-screen-agnostic, platform, our exact words were, “Peter, we want your fingerprint on every piece of functionality; by the time we’re done, you’ll have to give the system your last name because it’ll have your DNA. Peter laughed when he heard this, but agreed; and ever since then we’ve had access to one of the keenest minds in the industry.

What Our CMMS Can Do

So… without further adieu… here’s what’s what with our new CMMS offering:
  • Browser-based, server software view-able on all interfaces.
  • Everyone from the submitter to the person who finalizes the orders, logs in and see exactly what they are supposed to see.
  • You only need a web-browser so you can use a tablet, a phone, laptop or desktop computer… it’s all good. Nothing is stored on the device, so the device retains it’s speed.
  • Unlimited data storage; our facility is engineered for scaling up. You need more power, we have more power. Create roles or groups and assign workers to a group (perhaps defined by trade; plumber/electrician/carpenter/geek) and then send approved work orders to those roles; you can assign orders to individuals too, however you want it to work… your flow is your flow after all; and flows can change too.
  • Create Work Orders (with permission) and watch the created order go through the business flow of your choice. When Office Administrators approve a work request, your maintenance staff is immediately notified.
  • Create Preventative Maintenance Orders. When your workers pull up their work orders they can also see and interact with the PM schedule. After they complete a work order; they might have the tools with them (or the foresight to bring the tools they need), they can view the PM orders too. They call that killing two birds with one stone. We call it smart logistical sense; something you can call “saving money”.
  • Approach a machine with your phone, shoot the QR code and see the manual, parts list, how-to videos, service history… instantly. Yeah, people who use our software look super cool, are smarter (because we provide built-in education)… and most important of all, they are safer.

Final Thoughts

We’re in love with customers is proven with our approach to creating software being motivated by providing everything we can to ensure a safe work experience. My name is Peter Phillips and I approve this message! Vote Atlantic Webfitters for your CMMS needs.