Whispers of Inquiry: Unraveling Mysteries with Atlantic Web Fitters

In the dim-lit corridors of the digital labyrinth, where shadows of problems often linger, there exists a group of troubadours, modern-day minstrels clad not in armor but in lines of code. They are the denizens of Atlantic Web Fitters (AWF), and their saga unfolds not in epic battles but in the subtle art of inquiry. […]

Unleashing Innovation and Market Leadership: A Deep Dive into “Play Bigger”

In the dynamic landscape of business, where industries evolve rapidly and consumer preferences fluctuate, the quest for market dominance becomes a strategic imperative. In this pursuit, “Play Bigger” emerges as a guiding beacon, a literary masterpiece that not only unravels the secrets behind industry-shaping companies but also provides a blueprint for aspiring trailblazers. #PlayBigger #Innovation […]

What Does a Category Designer Do? Invents the Future for Starters

Real World Example: When I first met Bart (founder of Saltbox Storage), it took me about 2 minutes to realize I was listening to a man who wanted to revolutionize the self-storage industry. He had solved ALL the problems inherent in the ecosystem, and re-invented how stuff is stored (place an order for pickup, and […]

Revolutionizing Customer Satisfaction through Category Design: The Atlantic Webfitters Story

Introduction In the ever-evolving world of web design, innovation and customer satisfaction go hand in hand. Gifford Watkins, the visionary founder of Atlantic Webfitters, understood this principle and recognized the limitations in the existing web design industry. Rather than adhering to conventional norms, Watkins decided to take a bold step by rejecting the established categories […]

Category Design – Origins

Category Design I’ve had the privilege of knowing Kevin Maney for oh, 15 or 16 years. I read his book “Maverick and His Machine” around 2005 when I founded a software company, and called it, Atlantic Web Fitters (AWF). I decided to create a new category at that time and declared AWF would be a […]

Category Designers Create New Worlds

Category disruption occurs when a company or brand attempts to reposition an existing category or subcategory in their favor, often by introducing new products or services that are similar to those offered by an established category leader. Here are some examples of how our world is re-created using category design ingenuity: Some of these were […]

Category: Alcoholic Beverages – 100 Sub-Categories

Here’s 100 sub-categories for the Alcoholic Beverages category: Within any one of these sub-categories could be a volcano of issues & problems to solve. When you solve all the problems within an existing category; that’s when it’s time to create a brand new & different category. Category design is used to blast your way into […]

100 Sub-Categories of Technology

100 sub-categories of technology: Once again… each and every one of these sub-categories was created, and since technology has pretty much emerged recently on a global scale, imagine the fortunes made by these disruptive category designers. Happy Category Designing!

100 Sub-categories of Food & Beverage

100 sub-categories of food and beverages: Now again… see the revenue, imagine the brands that exist in each and every one of these categories. When you create a brandnew category, you will not compete in any of these already existing categories, or else you’ll be fighting for less than 25% of the scraps. To the […]