Revolutionizing Customer Satisfaction through Category Design: The Atlantic Webfitters Story


In the ever-evolving world of web design, innovation and customer satisfaction go hand in hand. Gifford Watkins, the visionary founder of Atlantic Webfitters, understood this principle and recognized the limitations in the existing web design industry. Rather than adhering to conventional norms, Watkins decided to take a bold step by rejecting the established categories and forging a new path through category design. This article explores how Atlantic Webfitters harnessed the power of category design to transcend the limitations of the past and pave the way for a new and improved approach to customer satisfaction.

The Problems with Traditional Web Design Categories

Traditional web design categories such as “web design,” “website,” “webmaster,” and “web designer” had long been staples of the industry. While these categories served their purpose, they were inherently limited by the perception of what web design entailed. This led to several pain points and problems that hindered true customer satisfaction:

  1. Limited Perspective: The conventional categories focused primarily on aesthetics and functionality, neglecting other crucial aspects of web development, such as user experience, performance optimization, and strategic planning.
  2. Misaligned Solutions: Standard web design categories often offered one-size-fits-all solutions, failing to address the diverse needs and objectives of individual clients.
  3. Stagnation: The rigidity of traditional categories stifled innovation, leading to a lack of groundbreaking ideas and technologies in the industry.

The Birth of Category Design

Innovation and customer-centricity lay at the heart of Gifford Watkins’ vision for Atlantic Webfitters. Recognizing that the key to customer satisfaction was a fresh approach to web design, he rejected the familiar categories and embarked on a journey of category design.

Category design involves redefining the boundaries of an industry and creating new categories that better serve customers’ needs. For Watkins, this meant reimagining the concept of web design and introducing novel approaches that encompassed a broader scope of services.

The New Approach: “Web Portal” and “Portal Consulting”

Embracing category design, Atlantic Webfitters introduced “web portal” and “portal consulting” as their new categories. These innovative terms represented a paradigm shift in the web design industry, addressing the pain points that had previously hindered customer satisfaction.

  1. Web Portal: Unlike traditional websites, web portals presented a holistic platform that focused on seamless user experiences and streamlined access to a wide array of services, content, and functionalities. Web portals prioritized user engagement and provided a customized experience for individual clients and their target audiences.
  2. Portal Consulting: Recognizing that every client’s needs were unique, Atlantic Webfitters offered specialized “portal consulting” services. By tailoring solutions to specific clients, they addressed pain points individually and optimized portals for maximum efficiency, performance, and conversion.

Solving Pain Points and Customer Satisfaction

The new categories, “web portal” and “portal consulting,” revolutionized the industry by addressing pain points and creating customer satisfaction in various ways:

  1. Comprehensive Solutions: “Web portal” offered all-encompassing solutions that went beyond mere website development. This included interactive features, content management systems, customer databases, and personalized user accounts, leading to elevated customer engagement.
  2. Personalized Approach: With “portal consulting,” Atlantic Webfitters became partners in their clients’ success. By deeply understanding each client’s unique objectives, they offered tailored solutions, ensuring that every aspect of the portal aligned with their vision.
  3. Innovation and Flexibility: Category design fostered an environment where innovation thrived. Atlantic Webfitters continuously adapted to emerging technologies and trends, providing cutting-edge solutions to their clients’ ever-evolving needs.


Through category design, Gifford Watkins and Atlantic Webfitters shattered the constraints of traditional web design categories, propelling the industry towards a new era of customer satisfaction. By introducing the groundbreaking concepts of “web portal” and “portal consulting,” they redefined what web design could achieve and set the benchmark for excellence.

This extraordinary journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of category design. It reminds us that true innovation lies not in adhering to the status quo, but in challenging it and offering fresh solutions that address the genuine pain points of customers. Atlantic Webfitters’ success is a beacon of inspiration for businesses worldwide, encouraging them to embrace category design and unlock the door to boundless possibilities.