Building a Vehicle – “Build a Factory, Not Just One Car”

I love developing and building stuff that does what it is supposed to do. In the case of building DNN sites, it’s important to implement solutions that will prove your value and the value of the site in real costs.  The quickest method to show return on investment is to demonstrate the value of real relationships.  You’ll have to have this conversation with each new prospective client, so do your best to understand the formula.
If your potential client generates say, $1000 net profit per sale… and it takes 10 new leads to get 3 appointments and one sale, then each lead is worth $100.  If each lead is worth $100, and the site is getting 10 leads per month, the site is then generating $1000 per month.  It’s pretty easy to conclude then, that what you are offering will not only pay for itself, but will also profit the company.  So, what’s the real name of the game?  Growing a list of people who want to hear from you, they want your newsletter, they want you to text them, they are open to learning more about your client.
DNN Platform has a built in registration module that can be used to get folks to sign up for a newsletter (also included with Platform). This is one way of showing your client that the site is working for them.
As mentioned in the title. You will be creating a vertical and likely a very specific solution for each client.  As software developers, we are able to re-purpose some of the common aspects all site initiatives share.
Practical Tip:  Create a folder for each new client.  Put all the modules and skins that you use for that client’s site in their folder.  That way if anything should ever happen to the site, you’ll know exactly what skin/module/whatever you used.  So if you build a site for a garage door installer in Maine, but then another garage door installer in Oregon wants your services, you already have a working model to draw upon.