Gravity Forms, Parameter Name

Allow a Gravity Form field to be populated dynamically (from a hyperlink)

So… here’s the case. You have a page offering two services; both services are titled, have a description and each one has a separate call to action (let’s call one service, SEO and the other one SMM). If someone clicks on the call to action for SEO, they are taken to a form where there is a field labeled, Service Requested; and the field needs to be populated with SEO (they’ve already indicated they want SEO services, so why ask them to populate that field; it should be smarter).

So… here’s how it’s done.

First, let’s get the form ready…

1. Go to the page where the form is, and locate the field called “Services” (or create one).
2. Open up the field and click the Advanced tab, and you’ll see: Allow field to be populated dynamically, click it and you’ll see Parameter Name pop up.
3. In the Parameter Name field, add the word, services and save your work. (The parameter name can be anything unique to the data you want to populate)

Second, let’s write our hyperlinks from the services page…

1. Go to the services page, and pull up the editor for our text (and links) housing the two services. The call to action URL will need to be changed; so let’s say the calls to action URL are currently
2. SEO Services for the SEO services call to action (you can have spaces in the field data
3. Services for the SMM services call to action

So… services is the parameter; and SEO Services is the field data that will dynamically populate the form.


The two call to actions on the services page should now automatically populate the form field “Services Requested” depending on which one they choose.