AWF Events - Digital Conference Services
Tele-schooling software


Teachers deliver in-person curriculum from the comfort of their home.  Presenting content is as easy as sharing your computer screen.

Engaging and building up students is now within reach for a fraction of the cost.  Reach out to us and we’ll discover your return on investment.

Student Reception

A landing page for all your students. Tell them what your curriculum is about and show the classroom schedules.

Teacher's Desk

Have your teachers welcome everyone to your school, and let things get started.

Student Networking

Students can communicate with each other. Teachers control who can talk to who, so no one wastes time.

Classroom Sessions

Up to 10 people can video/voice participate and another 500 in the chat feature engaging with you.

School Events

Offer sponsors and vendors a digital booth to show off their products and services to your studentry.

Event Registration

Let us handle your sign up worries. We can connect directly to your PayPal account so you can easily monetize events.

Sponsorship Opportunities

What are the sponsorship engagement elements/opportunities? 

When pitching sponsors to cover your costs for your event, here’s the value you can offer them: 

– Hyperlinked sponsor logo displayed prominently on Registration page (outside event) 
– Hyperlinked sponsor logo displayed prominently on Reception page (inside event)
– Sponsor logos are included in automated emails to registrants — 1. “You’re in!” 2. “24 hours until the event” 3. “One hour until the event”
– Sponsors can be given an expo vendor booth to showcase their products and services, with either pre-recorded videos or a live videostream session in the booth.
— Booths have a customizable lead generation feature built-in for capturing attendee interest.
– Sponsors can be given a speaking segment on the main stage.
– Sponsors can also have a special breakout session in Sessions.
– Sponsors can receive the full list of attendees with name, email, location, and ticket type purchased.
– Sponsors can receive event analytics reports — referral source, turnout percentage, registration visits vs. conversions, connections made during event, country, device, etc.
– Sponsors can receive recordings, chat transcripts, and poll data from the event once finished.

Scale Learning

Let’s build a unique classroom experience for your school, your classroom, your students and teachers. Using our tele-schooling software will eliminate the commute, save your school money, while keeping and controlling the flow of learning.