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Support Plans

Spending time and money into having a website built is one thing. Ensuring that it is always updated, backed up, continually monitored for security issues and threats, as well as kept current, up to date and tweaked from time to time is a completely different matter. With a good all-inclusive Maintenance Plan from Atlantic Web Fitters, you can sleep easy every night knowing we got your back. 

All-Inclusive Support Plans

Because we didn’t want to skimp on our service to you

Off-Server Backups

We run daily backups of all our sites. Then we send those backups to another server so they are kept safe. Always be prepared.

Security Checks

Our automated secuity software alets us when something is going wrong, but we also have humans that check your site when they do updates.

Hosting on a CDN

We have a 21 server Content Delivery Network we send your site out to. So no matter if you are in Japan or the USA, your site loads fast.

Tweaks and Adjustments

It's good to change. Change is good. It shouldn't cost a fortune. 1 hour a month of site edits, tweaks, new features, whatever you want to call it is on us.

Site Updates

Nothing automated here a live person logs in an manually updates your site to ensure it's done right. Robots aren't always the answer.

Premium Plugins

We have some really cool tools that we use to help us do our job and make your life easier. From 3rd Party integrations to manipulating your data, we got you covered.