AWF Events - Digital Conference Services
We've produced so many virtual events we've lost count.

Let's Build Your Next Event

Event Registration

Zero resistance ticket purchasing... we'll handle everything so when the event is over you'll get the breakdown and your cut.

Event Reception

A landing page, like the lobby remains open and available for all ticket purchasers. Tell them what your event is about, link to e-commerce sites, and show the event schedule.

Event Stage

Invite your talent backstage with a special link/URL... then the curtain goes up. Video/voice to up to 100,000 ticket holders.

Event Sessions

Up to 20 people can video/voice while up to 500 people can watch and hear plus chat. Unlimited sessions can be created.

Event Networking

Exchange contact information. We can group and match tickets together and set a timer on the instroductions... this is speed networking at it's finest. Put those contacts in your CRM!

Event Expo

Sponsors/vendors at their booth displays, where people line up to video/voice with you, or play your advertisement and enjoy the event.

Events That Scale

We’ve produced 100s of events and welcome you to explore the possiblities. We can stream to over 40 social media platforms while recording your content. It’s a brave new world and we’re ready.

Here's an event we hosted for the DotNetNuke community...

dnnGLOBAL trailer 1
AWF Events - Digital Conference Services

Distance Irrelevant

You’ve been to massive gatherings in massive complexes… the stage, the breakout rooms, the networking, the exhibits and booths… and the business cards.

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world when your event is held online.

Keynote speakers deliver their ground shattering speeches from the comfort of their homes. Engage and build an audience presence that is now within reach for a fraction of the cost.