Hosting With Atlantic Web Fitters

Because Relationships Are Built On Trust

At Atlantic Web Fitters we are always striving to produce the best end user experience for our clients and their clients. That is why we don’t use 3rd party hosting but have an army of our own servers that do the work for us. This allows us much more control over the environment we build and host sites in and allows us to ensure they are as secure as can be. 


Our servers are industry standard hardened and monitored by a real person 24/7. On top of this we also have on site monitoring we install on every site we host complete with security features. And all of our sites come with a free SSL Certificate for site encryption. Relax knowing you have good security from the ground up.

Back It Up

Not one, not two, but we store every site in three different places and keep several back ups as well. This means that no matter what happens to your site, we can effectively restore it with minimal loss to your data. It also means that if you ever want to switch hosts, we have a backup of your site already to send them.