More Than Ten Reasons to reject MP2 alternatives… and stick with Infor’s Classic CMMS

Tell you what, it’s been a wild 18 months thanks to MP2 (a computerized maintenance management system) and Infor.

The once flagship maintenance and work order software product is not just still running; but it continues to run so well it’s almost impossible to convince the users (who use it every day) to consider moving to a new CMMS.

At first we heard Infor was going to stop providing patches to keep MP2 running on sunsetted MSSQL versions, so we acted; we drilled into an MP2 database and outfitted the stuff with some fancy web-based upgrades.

Our logic was that there would soon be tens of thousands of MP2 customers needing a bit of encouragement to keep their system; jazz it up a bit and then worry about providing patches when they are needed.

These are the reasons we chose to develop web applications that enhance MP2 and they are the same reasons you should stick with MP2; and why you should talk to us…

  1. MP2 is still one of the most widely used CMMS in the world.
  2. People have loved MP2 for years and how simple it is to use.
  3. We wanted to modernize MP2 for our clients.
  4. To give MP2 some new bells and whistles.
  5. New CMMS are available to purchase but they start at around $10,000-$20,000.

What can the new MP2Web do?

  1. MP2Web allows trades people to carry their work orders with them anywhere
  2. Work request and work orders flow smoothly between MP2Web and MP2.
  3. Users can created work request and review its’ status and receive emails on work progress.
  4. MP2 PM work orders have the inspection details (Task Instructions) right on the tablet or mobile device.
  5. Trades people add their time, comments right in the MP2Web.
  6. It works on any device, tablets, phones, desktops
  7. It works on any operating system. Android, Apple, Windows…….
  8. And much, much more to come.

Benefits of MP2Web

  1. Using Android devices cut the cost of implementation.
    1. Example – 8 inch Samsung tablet and a very rugged case $250
  2. Use off site as long as you have an internet connection.
  3. Unlimited users.

Thanks for tuning in… together, we’ll make life better, because relationships matter.

Reach out and let us know your reasons for keeping MP2 running… cause we want to know.