Atlantic Web Fitters - Learning Management Systems
Atlantic Web Fitters - Learning Management Systems

Do you have a corporate training system?

Offering your employees a branded self-directed training experience is proven to improve company morale. Combine that with an automated system from on-boarding to reminding when training is expiring, you now have an amazing system.

Learning Management Systems don't need to be scary

Student Reception

A landing page for all your students. Tell them what your curriculum is about and show the classroom schedules.

Teacher's Desk

Have your teachers welcome everyone to your school, and let things get started.

Student Networking

Students can communicate with each other. Teachers control who can talk to who, so no one wastes time.

Classroom Sessions

Up to 10 people can video/voice participate and another 500 in the chat feature engaging with you.

School Events

Offer sponsors and vendors a digital booth to show off their products and services to your studentry.

Event Registration

Let us handle your sign up worries. We can connect directly to your PayPal account so you can easily monetize events.

Pricing that fits any business model and budget

Non-Branded Portal

Use our Learning Portal with unique URL.
$ 100 per user per year
  • Up to 50 online courses
  • Automated On-boarding
  • Administrative Accounts Included
  • Fully Automated System

Branded Portal

Look and feel of your Companies Brand.
$ 125 per user per year
  • Unlimited Courses
  • Automated On-boarding
  • Administrative Accounts
  • Fully Automated System

Course Creation

We design and build courses for you.
$ 300 per custom course
  • Policy and Procedures Course
  • Entry Level Training Course
  • Unique Site Training Course
  • List Item

Are you ready to offer your employees a better training experience?

Integrations with MP2 Software are seamless. Access Work Requests from any device you wish. Check for new Work Requests, Submit a new one, Complete your work, all from what ever you are using. That is the power of MP2 WebView. 

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