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It doesn’t take a genius to realize that the number one selling tool is service. But, in this day and age we are bombarded with spam sent by robots; de-sensitized to communication, messages… our minds simply learn to tune out automated “noise”, Even most chat programs, are devoid of common sense and are quick to frustrate people who are trying to get something resolved.

Our proprietary chat program was built from the ground up because we saw the need for a specialized solution… our patented relationship approach to establishing trust, and removing the technological barriers that so often destroy the opportunity to engage, educate and offer a path forward together.

Let me first give you the top reasons for adding chat to your website.

  1. It captures the attention of the customer because they know that their questions can be answered. They don’t have to wait for an email to come back or send one out. Press the button and chat.

They are not stuck on hold like a phone call with the government.

Statistics confirm that 44% of consumers like to talk to a person from the company before a purchase.

  1.  A Chat program can save the company employees time and money which is labor intensive with emails and return emails just to answer a simple question. If a consumer requires a live phone or Zoom call that can be arranged easily, and they have confidence that they are heard. 
  2. It is a fact that people use websites that they feel answer their questions easily. It is a wonderful return on investment as it creates loyal customers.

 It takes your business to a whole new level of superiority over the competition.


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  1. We are at a time in history where people have less patience and a higher expectation for service electronically. Here is the chart. 
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Response time is crucial in today’s marketplace.

By the regular email response time this is the chart of top companies.

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It is no secret that social media is now the benchmark of expectation for people.

We either go with the flow or we are left in the dust. 

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For those choosing social media sites for sales it is not that much better.


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  1. I don’t have to tell you that statistics have proven that live chat increases sales. Sales are not about pitching your product it is about building trust along with educating people about your product.

“People don’t buy things from salespeople; they buy from friends.” 

Making friends with your customers produces loyalty. People will pay 25% more if they feel that they are getting service that is superior. Chat starts that process in the right direction.

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Live chat is a fantastic way to build long-term relationships with your customers. When customers feel you are there to listen, bonds are easier to form, and loyalty comes from that.

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